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My School Wizard is the new online program that provides parents and students with an easy interface with their school that will keep parents informed and help students manage their time.   Students and parents can log on with their unique logon and password from any computer with Internet access and benefit from the following features:

We believe that My School Wizard will improve the overall educational process by enhancing communication between parents, students, teachers and the administration.  Parents can easily check whether their child has homework, and see the actual assignment.  My School Wizard will mitigate students’ excuses of lost handouts and assignments.  It will enable students who were absent or missed a class to retrieve missed assignments, worksheets, and handouts before the next class.  There will be no surprises at the end of the semester as parents can regularly check their child’s grades, and if necessary, easily contact their child’s teacher by e-mail.

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Students and parents can click one of the links below to go to their logon page:

Rambam Mesivta

HANC High School